Tune in Together

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Me humillaron sin saber quién soy

Juzgan a la gente por el billete que ganó

No se dan cuenta que pa' hacerlo hay que ser más cabrón

Y al que miraban para abajo la vuelta les dio

Y diamantes en el cuello, VVS

Y a veces me visto de Gucci de frente a los pies

Relojes Rolex y Cartier ahí tengo como diez

La camioneta de mis sueños ya me la compré

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João Barboza's avatar
João Barboza
The lyrics of this song are so deep and touching, it's like I'm reading a poem.
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Heitor Amaral's avatar
Heitor Amaral
This song is the best! The lyrics are super fun and the rhythm is captivating I have recommended it to all my friends #nuevamusica.
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TikTok Music Latin
"VVS" features the collaboration of three renowned regional Mexican music groups, making it a historic milestone of fusion within this genre. #Fact
Diego Juarez's avatar
Diego Juarez
What a rhythm, man
Ravi Abreu Lisboa's avatar
Ravi Abreu Lisboa
Music is all I need in my life
Ricardo Martínez's avatar
Ricardo Martínez
Not my style, but it sounds good
José Battistella's avatar
José Battistella
has a very pderosa and daring vibe
Hugo Alvarado's avatar
Hugo Alvarado
Impressive beat, What a rhythm
Benjamín Fuentes's avatar
Benjamín Fuentes
is the sound of happiness
Caio Barros's avatar
Caio Barros
I like the way it sounds, but it's not my thing.
Pietro Assumpção's avatar
Pietro Assumpção
has such touching handwriting
Ryan Braga's avatar
Ryan Braga
it's a little weird, but there's something about it that I like.
Salvador Cervantes's avatar
Salvador Cervantes
is exactly what I needed to feel good
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TikTok Music Latin
If you love Peso Pluma, Los Yonic's and Los Dareyes de la Sierra, I definitely recommend listening to Los Rieleros del Norte. With their unique style of norteña music and emotional lyrics, they will surely captivate you. From classics like "El Columpio" and "Capricho Maldito" to more modern songs like "En las Buenas y en las Malas," Los Rieleros del Norte has something for everyone. #Discovery
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TikTok Music Latin
The song "VVS" features instruments such as acoustic guitar, electric bass, keyboards and drums. The lyrics speak to the richness and success of the artists. The melody combines elements of the regional Mexican genre with a touch of hip hop and R&B. #Review
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Gloria Guerra
This vvs song is really cool, the rhythms are great and the lyrics turn you on from the beginning.
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Jacqueline Ortiz
This vvs song is pure fire! The beats and rhymes are heavy, just what I needed to turn me on.
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