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Antes de ouvir a Sua voz

O meu coração estava aflito

O medo me cercou

Meus olhos só enxergavam ventos fortes

Mar bravio, depois de ouvir a Sua voz

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Antes e Depois

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#AndersonFreire is a pastor and worship leader at his church in São Paulo. He started singing at the age of five and has composed more than 200 songs. #Curiosity
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"What would you recommend to someone who loves Anderson Freire's music and is looking for similar artists? Share your thoughts in the comments and let's #Discovering together!
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The song "Before and After" has lyrics that talk about the transformation that God causes in people's lives. The melody is soft and captivating, with smooth harmony and arrangements. The instrumentation is made up of keyboard, guitar, guitar and percussion, which give a consistent foundation to the singers' voices. #EditorialReview
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