Tune in Together

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Senta aqui

Que eu quero conversar com todas suas personalidades

Primeiro a que me trai

Então quer dizer que você era infeliz no nosso relacionamento

Segundo a que cê é quando me deixa e sai

Então cê administrava três, quatro ao mesmo tempo?

Agora eu quero falar com seu eu

Que tava comigo, gritava te amo

Falava de filho, brilhava o olho

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this song makes me dance and sing together! The lyrics are very lively and talk about love and partying, which really matches the rhythm. I always listen when I need to get excited or in a good mood, because it's almost impossible to stand with her playing. The dance is very engaging
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Maiara & Maraisa are twin sisters and have recorded several country hits, such as "Medo Bobo" and "10%," which have become hits on Brazilian radio stations. #Curiosity
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TikTok Music
#Maiara & Maraisa present a Narcisista song (Live) with an animated melody of electric guitars, drums and keyboards. The lyrics deal with a narcissistic Greek character who doesn't care about the feelings of others. #al #Review
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Camilinha Mila
Me listening right when the narcissistic husband arrives 😂😂
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Rayalnne Akira
i love this cool song 😍
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TikTok Music
If you like Maiara & Maraisa, you will definitely love Thaeme & Thiago. They also rock the Argentine sertanejo! #Discovering
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Delícia Ferreira
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João Lima54096
this song fucked with a lot of wedding lol
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Sara Rhaniellen Nunes
I love ❤❤❤ this duo
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Augusto e Rafael
It happens quite a lot 😞
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Luiz Mendes
very good
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love d++++++
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Lorrana Araújo
Wonderful this song 😍
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god above all
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Jovanio oliveira lima Jovanio
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I love it music
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this song really portrays a narcissist
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Luis felipe Fumache
Ruimmm the sound too paraguay
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Kelly Silva
it was time for a song for the narcissists
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Oh he sings bad, they alleged Brazilian music, this guy froms. 🤦🏼
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