Tune in Together

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Así está el rollo aquí en culiacán es fin de semana vamos a tomar

En una finquita como Escobar 'con unas minitas pal pary empezar'

Ya coronamos la vueltita de la tía a la Angelina entre 'más suena y no más suena

Ya me p'idieron ahorita de 90 para arriba saben que 'hay garantía yo no miro lo que vendo yo no más trono la liga'

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Asi Esta El Rollo

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Beatriz Corona
I like how he has managed to create a song that makes you feel as if you were in a fashion show, where and style are the protagonists.
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Iker Miranda
I love how he uses different rhythms to create a danceable and song. It is a melody that invites us to enjoy life to the fullest, as if we were in a party that never ends.
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João Lucas Bassani
With this song, the day seems brighter and full of possibilities. Its positive rhythm fills you with energy and enthusiasm #AsiEstaElRollo.
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Davi Miguel Calixto
this song is a real pleasure!
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Francisco Bravo
Passionate rhythm
Lucas Navarro's avatar
Lucas Navarro
walking on clouds with her
Guillermo Silva's avatar
Guillermo Silva
vibrates so hard, I can't stop moving!
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Caio Barros
I am flowing to the rhythm
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Isabella Cerqueira
work of art
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Jose Martinez
The reflective and deep lyrics of this song invite you to think about life and its meaning. It is a melody that makes you reflect and learn more about yourself.
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Leonardo Sanchéz's avatar
Leonardo Sanchéz
sticky rhythm
Alfonso Avila's avatar
Alfonso Avila
deep handwriting comes to me
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José Battistella
great song, I don't stop
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Sara Franco
the beat is cool, the beat is on and the lyrics are all the rage.
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