Tune in Together

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Tarde demais recuperar o que já foi perdido

Voltar atrás eu não consigo, não me acostumei

Com a ideia de que não existe mais a gente

Nem parei pra imaginar como é que eu vou fazer daqui pra frente

Mesmo que eu achasse um gênio azul

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Gênio Azul (Ao Vivo)

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oh, my heart almost explodes with so much love for this song! Dilsinho and Kamisa 10 surpassed themselves in this one, the dance is contagious and the lyrics don't come out of my head. There's no way not to fall in love with Blue Genie (Live), it's one of those songs that make us feel alive!
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Then, bro, I was listening to this song and I started singing along, thinking I was rocking, until I realized everything was wrong! Kkkk
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Hey, have you heard the song "Gên Azul (Ao Vivo)" by Dilsinho and Kamisa 10? What is your opinion about the instrumentation of the song? What part of the lyrics do you love the most? If you haven't heard them yet, it's worth trying. Comment down here and share your point of view! #Discovering 💬
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