Tune in Together

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Apareci no meio do pagode

E ninguém entendeu nada

Camisa do Nirvana, tênis velho

E uma calça jeans rasgada

Notei, no seu olhar aquele ar de julgamento

E foi aí que resolvi partir pra dentro

E foi questão de tempo

Na primeira do Revela'

Já 'tava perdendo, beijei

E o beijo foi bom, né?

Ficou molinha, derreteu

Até pegou na mão

Do diferentão, né?

Tá querendo ir lá pra casa

O beijo foi bom, né?

E quando a gente fez amor

Foi muito mais que bom

Foi diferentão, né?

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Diferentão (Ao Vivo)

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too angry! the dance is very engaging and I can't stand still when I hear it. not to mention the lyrics are super sincere and talk a lot about what it's like to live in this world. I connect a lot with this song and I always put it at the top of my list.
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#Dilsinho replaces the song "Diferentão (Ao Vivo)" with an instrumentation that includes guitar, bass, drums and keyboard. The melody is a mix of samba and pop. #Reviewal
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I was listening to this here and I started dancing in the kitchen When I saw my cat he was jumping with me We formed an unlikely dance duo!
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Dilsinho is known to be one of the most popular pagoda singers in Brazil. His career took off after releasing several songs that became instant hits. A curiosity about the artist is that he started singing in his childhood and, at the age of 12, he made his first performance at a local event. #Curiosity
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What song do you recommend for those who like Dilsinho? #Discovering
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Adriano Gomes
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Silvano Rodrigues
summm of the time...
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Unlike anything else, master!! 💖
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I found a difference.... I stayed!!!
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Aline Nascimento
addict I can't even go out 😍❤️
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Jéssika Silva❤️🏳️‍🌈❤️
addicted to this song 💞
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