Tune in Together

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Novidade na área, carne nova no pedaço, woah, woah

Ela, ela tem piercing no seio

De onde cê veio? Tô interessado

Cê bebe, cê fuma, cê t**a

Tudo isso sua amiga contou

Não fumo, não bebo, só transo

Quer desafiar? Só vim, amor

Cê vai sentando, gostosa, lapada

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Novidade na Área

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a vibe, I always listen when I want to relax. The dance is smooth, and the vocals are so passionate. The lyrics have a very deep meaning, and I always get caught singing along. It's one of those songs that really touches your heart, you know?
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If you like MC Livinho and DJ Matt-D, I think you'll like the sound of PK and Kevin O Chris, have you heard? #Discovering
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Willame Vinicius Emi
very brave this song
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Renata Marteis
MDS this song is really bo pqpppppp❤️✨
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Bruno Lima
it's the light
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MC Livinho has made musical partnerships with several Brazilian artists, including Anitta, Ludmilla and Wesley Safadão. #Curiosity
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#MC Livinho and DJ Matt-D collaborated n Novelty in the Area, with a funk rhythm. The lyrics speak of the fame and success they have generated in the media, thus being self-promotional. The melody is composed of a synthesizer highlighting the electronic style. #Editorial Review
₊ ✿ ˙ ʚ 𝐋oh ɞ ! 🍓 ₊˙:𐚁 ֹ's avatar
₊ ✿ ˙ ʚ 𝐋oh ɞ ! 🍓 ₊˙:𐚁 ֹ
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I love this song
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top too 💥🔥
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Mkziin 👊😎
n has Livinho detonates base in all slc 😎
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Mosaico de Expressões
too much show
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too angry
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very good friendship
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Ademar mano
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Top dmsssssss
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LIVINHO is fod4
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oxy, yes?
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