Tune in Together

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Sé que puedo hacerlo mejor

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Heloíse de Lemos
Although this song is not exactly my style, I can recognize the technical quality and creativity in the instrumentation. The vocals have potential, but I feel like they could have stood out more with a more dynamic production.
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Erick Brito
This song is my new personal anthem! The melody is so powerful and the lyrics are like a cry for freedom. It is perfect for releasing tensions and letting the warrior within come out!
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Maria Fernanda de Godoy
All a find. The melody is so fresh and original that it catches you from the first second, and the voice has a unique quality that transports you to another world. It has definitely become one of my favorites!
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Andrea Soto
I didn't know this song, but now I can't stop listening to it. The melody is so immersive and the lyrics are so authentic. The instrumentation is, it's one of those songs that make you lose track of time!
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Luis Romero
I love to dance to it at any time of the day. It's one of my favorites!
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Rene Leal
I can't resist the charm of this song #elguty.
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Cristian Camacho
This song has that magic that makes time stand still and there is only the present moment!
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Josué Camargo
I can't resist the beauty of this song, it's like a diamond in the rough that shines with its own light!
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Yan Boldrini
A song that touches your heart! The rhythm is well set on and the lyrics are very touching.
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Claudia Resendiz
I love this song the beat is on and the lyrics are super cool. I love this song I have shared it with my squad.La you know?
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Álvaro Mendez
Me encanta la energía que transmite y siempre me hace sentir feliz
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Pedro Henrique Baptista
Es una canción perfecta para una fiesta y siempre me pone de buen humor. La amo!
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Heitor Amaral
I love the way it sounds and how it makes me feel. Chingón El Komander!
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Manuel Pérez
Me hace querer moverme y cantar a todo pulmón. Es imposible no bailar con Mi Casa Nueva!
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