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Quando toca ela dança não quer ir pra casa hoje

Se vê flash ela olha rebolando faz a pose, han, han

A bunda dela balançando no 220 volts

Acompanhando o grave automotivo da abelvolks

Acompanhando o grave automotivo da abelvolks

Acompanhando o grave automotivo da abelvolks

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Grave da Abelvolks

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bro, too sophisticated! the lyrics are very poetic, like a deep reflection on life and its ups and downs. the melody is contagious, it makes you want to dance non-stop! I never get tired of listening, it calms me down and cheers me up at the same time
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Bro, this song is amazing! I'm addicted to it, I listen almost every day when I'm on the bus or working. The melody is so immersive that it makes me travel dance and relax even when I'm busy with tasks. You just have to agree that the vocal sometimes sins a little, but in general she's top d+.
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TikTok Music Brasil
What is your opinion about the instrumentation of "Grave da Abelvolks" by Abelvolks, Mc Madimbu and Damaso? Did the wraparound beats win you over? Tell us and share your opinion on #DescobrindoMúsica🎶
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Biiah 064 💭❤️
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I laughed too much listening to this! I remembered the time I sang the wrong lyrics at a show and the guys started laughing at me kkkkk 🎤
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