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Ela fecha a cara ela fala brava

Não deixa malandro mal intencionado

Colar do teu lado

Mal vai pra festa

Mal bebe álcool não é no instagram

Que ela vai te passar o contato

Ela é do tipo que respeita um término recente

Ela tem cabeça ela é consciente não sai

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Ex dos Meus Sonhos (Ao Vivo)

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bro, too addictive! The lyrics have such a good vibe and the rhythm is to make anyone roll around. It's a mix of songs that want to live each moment intensely. Without a doubt, one of my favorite songs.
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How crazy, I was listening to this song and suddenly my dog started dancing with me! Think of a hilarious scene, we both kept dancing just as crazy!
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TikTok Music Brasil
"Ex dos Meus Sonhos" by #Gusttavo Lima is a country song, with a lively and dancing rhythm. The instrumentation is composed of guitar, guitar, drums and bass, as well as wind instruments in the parts of the chorus. The melody is marked by a strong dance , typical of the Argentine sertanejo, while the lyrics talk about a love that did not work out and the that remained. #Reviewal
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melody and lyrics transport me to a place of peace and. I feel uncertainty and reflection about life and the choices we make
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the vibe of the song is very good, the dance is contagious and the vocal has an incredible voice. However, the lyrics could be more elaborate and less.
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I got worse when I heard this song in the middle of the street and started dancing like crazy, until I realized everyone was looking at me
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TikTok Music Brasil
Gusttavo Lima rose to fame with the hit "Balada" in 2011, consolidating his career in the country scene and becoming one of the most popular artists in Brazil. #Curiosity
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TikTok Music Brasil
What songs similar to the style of Gusttavo Lima would you recommend? #Discovering
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Adriana Dantas
reports everything about me
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Deibson Silva
top top 😎😎😎
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