Tune in Together

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Não trato ela de qualquer jeito

É que ela é toda decidida

E não depende de ninguém

Ela é completa com a sua própria companhia

Eu só fui um ficante, um cara legal

Mas o seu beijo nela foi sensacional

Eu tenho que assumir que eu mandei mal

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Lado Emocional (Ao Vivo)

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TikTok Music Brasil
#GusttavoLima features a live song, "Emotional Side," which is a romantic ballad with simple instrumentation, featuring keyboards, acoustic guitar and soft drums. The lyrics of the song talk about a troubled love relationship. #EmotionalReview
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Man, I was listening to this and dancing in the kitchen, then my mom came up and caught me jumping! It was a shame!!! total
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TikTok Music Brasil
Before his fame, Gusttavo Lima worked as a mason's assistant in his hometown. But it was at the age of 9 that he started singing and playing guitar at family parties. #Curiosity
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TikTok Music Brasil
What is your favorite Gusttavo Lima song that I should listen to? Any recommendations from similar artists? #Discovering
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Ana Paula Psil 🌹
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