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Ieh, numa viagem pra uma cidade do interior

Fiz novas amizades até esbarrei

Num quase amor foi na trave

Mas meu coração se esforçou

Eu rodei não sei quantos km

Pra correr da saudade da gente

Procurando algum canto no mundo

Pra te esquecer só um pouquinho

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Nunca Mais Largo Você (Ao Vivo)

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if there's any singer i have to listen to every day it's the ambassador
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simply amazing, bro! The beats are mind-blowing and the verses are so sincere, I feel totally connected with the lyrics. When this melody starts, I can't stand still - it's impossible. I just know I can't stop listening and it's already part of my favorite playlist!
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TikTok Music Brasil
#GusttavoLima brings in "Nunca Mais YOU" an instrumentation that mixes guitar, guitar and keyboard, with lyrics that speak of love and emotional attachments. The melody is composed of a mixture of country and romantic rhythms, praised by the singer's striking voice. #Civic Review
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I think Never Again You (Live) by Gusttavo Lima is a bit of a forgettable song. I don't know, it just doesn't excite me too much and I don't think it's very striking.
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this song doesn't leave my head, the lyrics are so beautiful and Gusttavo Lima knows how to leave the tribe in love. I could hum her all day
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"Never Again You" reminds me of my first dance with my spouse. The melody and lyrics of the song subtly touch my heart, and Gusttavo Lima's live performance is exceptional. I appreciate how the song captures the beautiful and pure essence of love.
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bro, this song by Gusttavo Lima is all good! Since dance started, I already want to dance until I get tired. The lyrics are super romantic and I love to sing along. It's impossible to hear Never Again You (Live) and stand still, this song is pure energy!
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TikTok Music Brasil
Gusttavo Lima began his career at the age of 7, along with his older brothers Willian and Marcelo, as a member of Trio Remelexo. After leaving the trio, he joined the country music duo Gustavo & Alessandro. #Curiosity
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TikTok Music Brasil
What song should I listen to if I like Gusttavo Lima's songs? #Discovering
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Bro, I was listening to this playlist and I started singing Hakuna Matata loudly, speaking hakuna matata, it's nice to say. My mother came into the room and said: I'll give you a matata if you don't stop.
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beautiful bb letter🥰💖 The best of the show
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Top music
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Lourival Santtos 
This one couldn't be missing from my play list 🤧
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