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I can't explain

I got a feeling that I just I can't erase

Just a feeling that I won't won't leave behind

Because it's something that is on it's on my mind

I guess it goes like

Na-na- na

Na-na- na-na- na

Na-na- na-na- na

Na-na- na-na- na

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(It Goes Like) Nanana

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Daniel Estrada
It's a rolonon, every note full of good vibes and energy. you want to stop and dance. pure energy. added to my POP IN ENGLISH Playlist.
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TikTok Music Latin
What's your opinion about #PeggyGou's song "It Goes Like Nanana (Edit)"? Do you think the instrumentation fits well with the artist's style? Share your impressions in the comments and discover more music with #Discovery!
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Tara BD
a hilarious and addictive song that will brighten your day and get you moving. It's Peggy Gou at her finest, delivering a dose of pure musical joy.
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ka iki
my favorite song❤️
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brain cells fighting for survival 🔥🧠
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Love the energy this song brings
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Julia Owens
This song brings instant happiness to my soul! 🌞 The beat is infectious and I can't help but dance to it. Peggy Gou, you've done it again! 💃🏻
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This song just puts me in a good mood
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Such a fun and catchy tune 🎶
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Max baby
This track is pure fire 🔥💥
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Peggy Gou has done it again with another banger!
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Perfect for a night out with friends 🎉
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Peggy Gou never disappoints 🙌
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Can't stop dancing to this beat! 🔥
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So addictive, I keep coming back for more
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steve’s keyboard
Can't wait to blast this in my car
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This beat is giving me life right now 🙌💞
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Yaaasss this beat is fire! 🔥 Loving the way the beat drops and that catchy nanana hook! #PeggyGouRocks 😎
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🎶 "Nanana" is the perfect song for karaoke night with friends! Just try not to get tongue-tied during the catchy chorus. 🎤
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Francis Warren
I love the infectious beat and catchy lyrics of "Nanana"! Peggy Gou's talent and creativity always impress me. 💖🎶
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