Tune in Together

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A gente se encontrou na hora errada

Você toda linda fica difícil de te evitar

Mas eu sei que nada do que eu te disser vai te afastar

Tu tem cara de ser minha futura ex (Yeah, yeah)

Do tipo que se orgulha de tudo que fez (Tudo que fez)

Entra na minha vida e bagunça tudo igual seu quarto

Depois volta me pede desculpa (Yeah, yeah)

E quer tapa no rabo

Mas tu tem cara de ser minha futura ex (Futura)

Do tipo que se orgulha de tudo que fez (Yeah)

Que sente prazer em confundir todos os meus sentidos

Mas na real é você mesma que tá se iludindo (Se iludindo)

Mas tu tem cara de ser minha futura ex (Futura)

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face, fire! The beat is very cool and the instruments together are amazing. The lyrics are super deep and make me reflect on life. When I'm listening, I feel light and strong at the same time. It makes me want to dance and sing together without stopping!
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a vibe! I've been listening to it non-stop since I found out in the app. The dance is very good and the vocalist has a unique voice that makes the music even more immersive. It's one of those that makes you want to go dancing because it's so contagious, you know? That's why I love this app, it always introduces me to new artists.
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man, just amazing! dance is so contagious that I can't stand still. And the lyrics? Uh, full of feeling and so true. Seriously, it's an anthem. It makes me feel so alive and happy. Every time I listen, it's like I'm in another dimension. It's a masterpiece for sure.
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I was listening to this song and I started dancing to tô single again My dad came up and thought I had taken a foot in the ass
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TikTok Music Brasil
Have you added Futura Ex to your playlist yet? 🎧 What's your opinion about the beats and rhythm of the song: do you like it or isn't it your style? Share your opinion in the comments and let's #DecobrindoMúsica together!
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