Tune in Together

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Uh, would I be crazy if I thought the world was fake?

A game of simulation aliens play from outer space

The players pick their religion

That's what starts the competition

Could be stupid 'cause I watch too many movies

Maybe work is weighing heavy on my mind

Maybe I'm just sick and tired of doing the same shit every time

Wanna try a new position, maybe flip a 69

Don't want a doctor tellin' me that I'm insane, man

I wanna rob a (bank)

Spread the money (through the streets)

Walk up to (a stranger screaming stick 'em up, freeze)

But I'm too worried 'bout what other people think

I wanna rob a bank

F**k around and make a scene

Make the most wanted on TV, yeah that's me (that's me)

But I'm too worried 'bout what other people think

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