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Vem com Zé Vaqueiro, o original

Mandei tô com saudades e já me arrependi

Eu tentei apagar e apaguei só pra mim

Tava no grau e até sarei na hora

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Chegou Um Áudio

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bro, very good! I love the dance and the vibe she gives me. The lyrics are also really cool and make me feel good when I sing along. I listen to this song all the time, it's too addictive!
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Zé Vaqueiro started his musical career as an accordion player in forró bands in the before becoming a famous singer. #Curiosity
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#ZéVaqueiro presents Chegou Um Áudio, a song with instrumentation that includes guitar, accordion and drums. The lyrics are about a man who receives a message from a woman he likes. The melody is marked by a lively and dancing rhythm. #alReview
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brings me an enormous! It reminds me of good moments I experienced with special people. The dance is engaging and Zé Vaqueiro's voice is incredible. sings in! 😄
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that one came a from Zé Vaqueiro, it doesn't come out of my head, bro! It's so engaging, you know? It depends on the dance and the way he sings. It's a song you can't hear just once, it's an easy habit.
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, that sound is too much, see! I'm already putting it on repeat. Zé Vaqueiro did very well in this recording!
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aff, I can't stand still when I listen to An Audio by Zé Vaqueiro! This song has a dance that moves my whole body, it's impossible to resist! And the verses then?
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TikTok Music
For those who enjoy Zé Vaqueiro's voice, I suggest listening to Tierry's hits. It's a mixture of arrocha and forró that will conquer you. #Discovering
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Pedro Ferreira
then it really hurts
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Eddy Santtos
🥲So I suffer with no one to suffer!
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I to living this all the time
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