Tune in Together

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Alô galera do rodeio!

Aqui quem fala é o Glaydson Rodrigues

US Agroboy da

O DJ Chris No Beat da

O Glaydson Rodrigues também da

Eu cheguei no rodeio

A galera traiada

O DJ solta o som

Eu agito a bancada

Hoje de manhã cedo já rolou cavalgada

10 quilómetros e meio de modão e cachaça

Oh muchacha quando terminar o rodeio vou te levar pro céu

Arena redonda vai ser a cama do motel

Pode vir sem medo só confia no peão

Que amanhã cê não esquece o cara do chapelão

E depois do show o que é que vai rolar?

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Da Da Da (Ao Vivo)

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bro, a vibe! There's no way to listen without your head and sing along. The lyrics are so deep and reportable, you know? Like, I feel represented in those verses. And dance 's the type that makes you want to go dancing around, you know? It's almost an anthem of my life, man.
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TikTok Music Brasil
"Da Da Da (Ao Vivo)" features animated handcrafted instrumentation, with emphasis on the use of synthesizers and electronic drums. The melody is engaging and dancing, inviting the listener to move to the sound of the dance. #alReview
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Then I was hearing this sound and I spat in my mother's face! Needless to say, I got the biggest fight, right?
Gabriela_Rodrigues's avatar
it refers to good times with friends, dancing and singing together. The melody is contagious and the lyrics simple but fun. I love the lively rhythm and how it makes me feel happy
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it's impossible not to dance when I hear this song! The beat is so contagious and lively, it makes me feel so happy. I love the partnership of the artists and how they created something so exciting
AnaClaraRodrigues.98's avatar
I didn't like this song very much, it doesn't stay in my head and there's nothing that catches my attention. Something was missing that would hold me or make me feel something
dereckzeeb's avatar
and this song Da Da (Live) is too addictive, right bro? There's no way to stand still when he plays this dance! US Agroboy, Dj Chris No Beat and Gleydson Rodrigues rocked this partnership. The sound is high astral and gives a too good vibe!
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TikTok Music Brasil
Dj Chris No Beat is a music producer with more than 10 years of career and is a benchmark in the country's rap scene. #Curiosity
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TikTok Music Brasil
What are your recommendations for similar songs to US Agroboy artists, Dj Chris No Beat and Gleydson Rodrigues? #Discovering
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€¥¢£π¶enzo gbl
the hymn of rodeos has returned
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qui bosta this song véy
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Cristiano Roncato La
too chic
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