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Totalmente en vivo

Desde Hermosillo, Sonora, compa Panter

3 Doritos Después, compa Óscar

Échele tanque, ahí va

Ya ves

No que ya no me querías ver

Y bloqueado me tenías del cel

Me hicieron paro

Unos tequilas que los huevos me activaron

Y por eso te busqué

Y por eso te busqué

Me ves

Y te derrites por abrazarme otra vez

Con puro pendejo te la llevas entrado

Vamos a olvidarnos los dos de lo pasado

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3 Doritos Despues (En Vivo)

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Emanuelly da Gloria
I like how this song has a very experimental and different sound, it's so refreshing.
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TikTok Music Latin
The song "3 Doritos Despues" by #OscarMaydon and #PanterBelico has a simple instrumentation with acoustic guitar and Peruvian drawer. The lyrics speak of a party and the chorus is catchy. The melody is upbeat and easy to sing. #Review
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TikTok Music Latin
#PanterBelico, born in the United States, showed a strong interest in corridos since childhood. However, it was at the age of 18 when, harnessing the power of social media, he rose to the pinnacle of fame. #Fact
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José Ramón Nuez
I can't help but dance to the rhythm of the song, and I just love its catchy lyrics. It's a total hit!
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Thiago Busato
I like that they go out of the ordinary and make fresh music like this, they are geniuses.
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David Gonzalez
It's like the guitar and his voice into one thing. I love it!
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Ernesto Fernández
It's a song that gives you the confidence to say no when something is wrong.
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TikTok Music Latin
Do you know any artist similar to the style of Oscar Maydon or Panter Belico? #Discovery
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Josefa Duran
Wooow, what a cool song! the beat is really on and the canta man's voice is super good, it really beats me 3 doritos later (live)! 🤘🎶🔥
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