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También ando en la bola soy gente del mayocoba y soy de los que acciona traigo un riflito

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Gente Del Mayocoba (El Fly)

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Maria josefa Cordova's avatar
Maria josefa Cordova
This song has such an infectious rhythm that it is ideal for any celebration. No matter where you are, listening to this song makes you feel like you are in a party #GenteDelMayocoba.
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Eva María Avalos's avatar
Eva María Avalos
This melody is my companion in moments of reflection and meditation. Its soft rhythm and quiet lyrics help me to find inner peace and serenity.
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Alba Garza's avatar
Alba Garza
This song is my refuge in the dark days. Its melody and comforting help me find peace in the midst of chaos.
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Enrico Battisti's avatar
Enrico Battisti
I can't resist at his own pace
Raquel Villanueva's avatar
Raquel Villanueva
it's pure partying, it makes me want to go out dancing regardless!
Angeles Barajas's avatar
Angeles Barajas
is like a carnival in my ears, pure party!
Joan Maldonado's avatar
Joan Maldonado
makes me feel alive and energetic!
Vitor Bruneli's avatar
Vitor Bruneli
A straight journey to happiness with this song, it's perfect!
Benjamín Fuentes's avatar
Benjamín Fuentes
how I feel like I'm in a show!
Lorena Costa Braga's avatar
Lorena Costa Braga
it's a party in my ears, I can't resist dancing!
Henrique Ambrozim's avatar
Henrique Ambrozim
The very heart of life beats in this song
Leonardo Badaró's avatar
Leonardo Badaró
This song is pure positive energy! With its frenetic rhythm and contagious lyrics, it's impossible not to catch her joy and let her take you to the dance floor. It's like a party in your ears, prepare your best movements!
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Levi Assunção's avatar
Levi Assunção
The lyrics are very touching
Lorenzo Ambrosim's avatar
Lorenzo Ambrosim
makes me want to jump with emotion
Yuri Bezerra's avatar
Yuri Bezerra
I feel very nostalgic about this song.
Carmen Serrano's avatar
Carmen Serrano
what an incredible flow
João Pedro Azevedo's avatar
João Pedro Azevedo
the lead singer's voice in is simply captivating.
Julian Solis's avatar
Julian Solis
What a talent these artists have to create something so incredible!
Matheus Alvarenga's avatar
Matheus Alvarenga
what a great rhythm this song has
Maria Alice Correia's avatar
Maria Alice Correia
s are like unspoken words that find their voice
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