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Taça de gin mais uma revoada

Combo perfeito pra quem tá superada

Tá tomando todas, já tá louca louca louca louca

De saudade, daqui a pouco vai bater a maldade

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Taça de Gin

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heck, this song is a real punch in the stomach! The lyrics are super deep and the melody is mesmerizing. I couldn't stop listening and trying to feel every word. It's amazing how the composition manages to convey so much emotion and feeling. I loved it and have already put it on my rep list
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this song makes me feel so light, you know? It's one of those you listen to on a loop and it never gets seasick. The lyrics are amazing and I think everyone can relate to them at some point in their lives. Not to mention the rhythm, which is super dancing and lively! Definitely one of my favorites
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This sound takes me to places I've never been, makes me see colors I didn't know The lyrics and dance are pure energy!
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That feeling is a ball. 😂😂
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Bro, I was listening to Taça de Gin when my mother came into the room and I thought she was going to get scolded, but she started dancing with me. It was hilarious!
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I'm not a big fan of Taça de Gin, I find the dance a bit monotonous and the lyrics don't captivate me. It ends up being a song that doesn't mark me very much
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the simplicity of Taça de Gin's lyrics is touching, along with the instrumentals it is a song that makes you reflect on lost loves
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this Tawan and Jerry Smith Gin Cup is insane, bro! There's no way you can't not want to move your skeleton when you play this song. The dance is engaging too
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this Tawan and Jerry Smith Gin Cup can't get out of my head, bro! The dance is too addictive and the lyrics stick like gum. It's the perfect vibe to relax and enjoy the moment with the crowd. I simply loved
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I really liked the lively dance that makes you want to dance and the lyrics fun. However, the excessive use of autotune ended up harming the interpretation
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this beat too hard, makes you want to play everything high and enjoy without limits. Jerry Smith and Tawan sent very well
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the Gin Cup brings an atmosphere that reminds me of ballads with friends. Tawan's enveloping dance and Jerry Smith's flow make it a hymn to enjoy the night. I love listening as I prepare for parties or on trips with the crowd.
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Gylkyson Batista
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