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Antes de você

Talvez você tivesse todos os motivos pra desconfiar de mim

Eu fiz tanta coisa no passado

Mas não tinha do meu lado uma mulher assim

Se quer procurar, procura

Se quer vasculhar, vasculha

Se eu tivesse que ter outra, escuta

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Duas (Versão Arrocha)

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amazing! There's an infectious dance that makes everyone want to dance. The lyrics are very reflective and make me feel nostalgic. It's a magical song that connects me with my deepest emotions. I love listening in my free time and feel energized when I listen to it.
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Bros, I was listening to this here and so focused that I didn't even see my cat climbing the table to dance with me! I almost died laughing when I looked!
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TikTok Music Brasil
In 2009, #Dilsinho formed the pagoda group "Para de Kaô" together with friends Gabriel and Marcinho. The first single was "Maluca Pirada," which was later re-recorded and became a hit in the voice of singer Alexandre Pires. #Curiosity
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I loved the melody, but the lyrics left a little to be desired by me. Not my favorite, but it was definitely nice to hear.
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I'm here listening to a song and my mother arrives saying that I look like a duck that ate an earthworm... Do I get hurt or do I laugh?!😂
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it made me reflect on the past and how the choices I made shaped who I am today. The lyrics are deep and touching, and the melody only intensifies this sense of sadness and regret. I was moved
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TikTok Music Brasil
"Duas (Arrocha Version)" has a typical arrocha instrumentation, with emphasis on accordion and guitar. The lyrics talk about an unrequited love and the melody is marked by choruses and a slow, immersive rhythm, characteristic of the musical genre. #Reviewal
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TikTok Music Brasil
What songs would you recommend to anyone who is a fan of Dilsinho, Rafinha Rsq and Nadson O Ferinha? #Discovering
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Chris Mendes312
And what a duo❤️the version
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God whimsical in Dilsinho's voice, he will sing beautifully in my ear like this 😻👏🏻😢
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Estrela Luuh 🏳️‍🌈
First to comment 🥰🤩
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