Tune in Together

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Pra quem não me amava

Cê não tá legal

Pra quem já superou não é natural

Desbloquear o bloqueado

Em plena madrugada

E as cinco da manhã

Vinte mensagens apagadas

Mas véi eu já saquei

A sua casa eu derrubei

Tá com saudade eu sei

O tanto que cê me zoou

é o tanto que eu te zuarei


Bebe pra caramba

Beija pra caramba

Erra boca erra cama

É f**a teve que se f**r

Pra perceber que eu sou f**a

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Te Zuarei

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DouglasRocha007's avatar
pure fire! The dance makes you want to get up and dance until you get tired. And the lyrics? So intense and full of feelings. I feel like this song was written especially for me, you know? It's like a balm to the heart. Nothing beats the feeling of listening to this song on the last volume.
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JessicaOliveira_83's avatar
Bro, listening to this here, I remembered the time my mom caught me dancing in the room and said she's having a hard time, right? KKKKKKKK
sukhrajlaster's avatar
Humberto & Ronaldo, Te Zuarei, it's too much gum! Do you know the ones that stick to your head? So, this is it! I love the lyrics fun and the dance lively. It's impossible not to dance and sing together!
Caio.Machado's avatar
I had my headphones so loud I didn't hear my mother's scream calling me for dinner! Now I'm grounded without hearing 'Te Zuarei' again 😂
AnaPaulaSantana's avatar
bro, a straight shot on the dance floor, you can't stand still! The dance is too engaging and the lyrics are those that make you sing along without even knowing the whole lyrics. Unfortunately when Te Zuarei plays, everyone goes crazy!
Luiza_Pereira.L's avatar
the Te Zuarei song reminded me of happy moments and getting a smile on my face. The lyrics are fun and the dance lively, perfect for dancing and relaxing. I loved it!
Renata_Lima's avatar
the song is quite lively, but I couldn't feel a connection with it. I think it's more because of the lyrics that don't captivate me so much
ricardoboyster's avatar
the Te Zuarei song cheered me up a lot. The dance is addictive and the chorus sticks to the head. I didn't like so much the excess autotune in the voice
gabiropech's avatar
reminds me of summer nights, when we went out with friends to dance and enjoy. The rhythm is contagious and the lively lyrics made us forget about the problems. I love the way Humberto & Ronaldo sing together, it's a perfect combination!
collieryuh's avatar
man, a vibe! I'm feeling on top of the world here, enjoying the sound that is pure fire! The beats so top too and these guys rock the vocals! 🔥🔝🎶
ezequielsantos2354's avatar
had to fuck himself to see I'm fucked.....😍😉😊#
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