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Sent-, sent-, senta

Sent-, sent-, sent-

Senta, sent-, sent-

Cenas sensuais, coisas provocantes

Papo de só love no cafofo a todo instante

Desenvolve, sensualiza no detalhe pra tu ver

Faz o que tu sabe até o dia amanhecer

E movi-, movi-, movi-movi-movi-movi


Movimenta (senta), movimenta, movimenta, movimenta

Senta, senta, senta, se-se-se-sent-senta

Movi-, movi- (senta)

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Movimenta (feat. Mc Gw)

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I can't stop listening to this song, it's just addictive! The lyrics are very deep and I identify with them a lot. The dance is irresistible and makes me want to dance until dawn. pure energy and makes me feel alive!
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amazing! The dance is so engaging that I can't stand still while listening. The lyrics are very deep and make me reflect on life. I never get tired of listening, it always brings me a feeling of happiness and friendship at the same time. Definitely one of my favorites!
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GabrielRodriguesC's avatar
Bro, what an animal sound! I'm addicted to this vibe, just play and I'm already transporting myself to another world. And the lyrics then... speaks directly into the soul, you know? There's no way not to identify yourself. I just wanted you to have more tracks like that in the app, I'm looking for other similar ones but it's hard to find
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I went to hear this song at full volume, and my mother appeared at the door saying she thought it was in the middle of the room.
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