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Aô, paixão!

Essa é pra sacudir a galera, uh!

A-a-a-alemão do forró

Fica amor, por favor, não diz: já vou

Fica junto que contigo me amarro

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Fica Amor

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bro, what an animal sound that is from Alemão do Forró in Está Amor! The dance is addictive and the lyrics have a touch of romance that reminds me of that crush from the past. I loved the accordion intro and the animated vibe of the chorus. It sure loops into my sound!
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man, the live version of Está Amor is amazing! Alemão Do Forró's voice is phenomenal and the animated vibe makes everyone dance. I loved listening to this song even without being in a show, it feels like I was there in the middle of the audience. I will definitely put this version on my forró playlist!
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bro, too much! I'm here listening and I can't stand there, it's too cool! The lyrics are super vibe good, they really make us get into the dance! And the beats?!, you can't listen without feeling the sound taking over the body, right? Alemão Do Forró is the guy, he knows how to cheer the crowd up!
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maria gilnete
It's daddy show
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man, this song is a blast! Alemão Do Forró's voice is unique and the dance is amazing. Está Amor is a song to dance clinging and feel all the love it transmits. The forró lyrics are always sensational and this one is not far behind, it is a perfect declaration of love.
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