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'Cê acredita que eu já passei por isso algumas vezes

Todo mundo já passou por essa história

Dessa história (que mora em prédio, né)

Todo fim de briga é assim

'Cê fecha a cara, arruma as malas

Aperta o elevador, nem espera subir

Muda de ideia, volta e dorme aqui

Mas dessa vez desceu

O trouxa esperou

Nem sinal dela no corredor

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justinschlueter45's avatar
too much! The dance is very addictive and the lyrics are like an anthem for those who have been perrengues in life. I get full of energy every time I listen, it's like nothing can stop me. It is a work of art that deserves to be appreciated by everyone who enjoys a quality sound.
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I was listening to this for good until my dog started howling along with the songs. Now he thinks it's backing vocals from sertanejo
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TikTok Music Brasil
Hey, have you heard the song "Elevador (Ao Vivo)" by #Hugo&Guilherme? What is your opinion about the instrumentation of the song? Have you already added it to your playlist? Share your experience in the comments below! #Discovering 😊
fanclubedaGalCosta's avatar
man, I was hearing Elevator in the phone while I was going in the company's elevator and isn't it that when I left, I pressed the wrong button and ended up on the terrace?! Laughter!
terrymaggot575's avatar
I didn't really like the song Elevador by Hugo & Guilherme live, I found it a bit monotonous and predictable. Nothing that really caught my attention or made me want to listen again
MariliaMendoncaFa's avatar
I found the music very lively and I liked the country footprint. The voice combined very well. The only thing that bothered me a little was the overrepeated repetition of certain phrases
GustavoFerreira's avatar
Elevador's lyrics (Ao Vivo) are so romantic and sincere that it moves me every time I listen. The voice of Hugo & Guilherme gives a special touch to the song
AlinePinto's avatar
guys, anyone who has heard Elevador (Live) by Hugo & Guilherme knows what I'm talking about: one dance! The dance and rhythm are contagious, impossible to stand still. And there are phrases that stick to your head, right? But I love it, repeating until I get the whole letter right. Oh, I already want to dance more!
BeatrizCruz_C's avatar
man, Hugo & Guilherme can't get out of my head! I think it's because of the sticky chorus and the lively rhythm that stays in my mind. I love the relaxed vibe and the fun lyrics too. It's a perfect song to listen to while enjoying life
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this song is in the lead, I can't stand still! This dance is crazy and the lyrics are so real. I'm feeling alive!
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Sara Rhaniellen Nunes
I've heard elevator
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Augusto e Rafael
For those who separated and live in an apartment, it's complicated to see...
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