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(É assim ó)

Foi bem assim

Por celular

Eu assisti tu me deixar

E quando eu li

Seu acabou

Aí meu olho chorou

Tanto, tanto que secou

Foi só eu te esquecer

Pra você aparecer (e aí) Manu Bahtidão

Agora é oi, bebê

Agora é meu amor

Agora manda o zap achando que eu vou (aaii)

Não vai ter boca soltando gemido alto

Não vai ter bota de frente, bota de lado

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Agora É Oi BB (Foi Só Te Esquecer)

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this song makes me travel without leaving the place! The rhythm is super contagious and the lyrics are almost a poem, it always takes me by the heart. it has an incredible vibe! I always listen when I need to liven up my day.
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With 31 years and almost a decade of career, #MatheusFernandes is one of the big names in Brazilian forró, mixing rhythms such as piseiro, sertanejo and electronic beats. #Curiosity
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Bro, I was listening to this song and it started playing out of nowhere Then my mother came to ask if I was participating in the funk ball!
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"Agora É Oi BB (It Was Just You)" by #MatheusFernandes and #Manu features a combination of instruments such as guitar, tambourine and drums, as well as a lively background choir. The melody is and dancing, with a very infectious forró rhythm. #alReview
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What other songs do you suggest for those who like Matheus Fernandes and Manu Gavassi? #Discovering
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flow well
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it was just like that 😭😭
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His faith 😍
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Female Addict
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Gihh Alves
wonderful music 😍
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