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Simply amazing! Whenever I hear this song my heart "stops" for a moment, the sound penetrates the SOUL!!... Killer is a feeling, it's a masterpiece! Mareux has never made a mistake, neither in this one nor in others 🎶🎵🎵
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Bro, this song Killer by Mareux is really cool! The beat is too heavy and the singer's voice is incredible. I'm listening straight to my headphones, it gives a really good vibe. But look, the clip could be better, I thought it was a little unfunny. But otherwise, it's too top notch! I've already added to my playlist
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bro, this track is so fucked! The beats are insane, leaving me in an incredible vibe! The lyrics are super related, talking about situations I've been through, you know? And Mareux's voice is simply sensational! There's no way, addictive!
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im literally joe goldberg
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let me tell you something, I'm in love with Killer da Mareux! This song has a wonderful rhythm that makes me want to dance non-stop! The lyrics are also amazing, with a magical and immersive feel that gets me hooked! When I listen to this song, I can't stand still.
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bro, this song is a sure shot! Mareux's dance with dark wave influence is too hot! The singer's soft voice with lyrics that speak of revenge and female empowerment is like what we need to kick things up for the week. Not to mention that Killer has that perfect vibe
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Ana Luísa de Aguiar
The instrumentation of this song is so sophisticated that it makes you appreciate the music on a whole new level. Every note is like a little masterpiece #Killer.
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Larissa de Paiva
With this song in your ears, everything looks cooler. Its upbeat music and optimistic lyrics are like a reminder that life is full of opportunities.
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My ears have been blessed by the musical sorcery of these two artists. Not sure if I want to dance or cry, but it's all good. #KillerImpact
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Totally hooked on this 🔥
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Man, that beat drops harder than my motivation for work on a Monday morning. Thanks for the eargasm, Killer and Mareux! #KillingItWithMusic
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I didn't even know I needed a dose of Killer x Mareux in my life until now. Their music is like a shot of espresso: energizing and addicting! #KillerMareux
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Such talent! 💖
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steve’s keyboard
So talented
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Victoria Villarreal
This song is my personal soundtrack, the music that accompanies every moment of my life. With its vibrant rhythm and passionate lyrics, it becomes the soundtrack of my emotions, narrating my joys and my sorrows.
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María Mercedes Zarate
the instruments interact to create an explosive melody in this song
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Love the feels! 💖
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Pilar Antonio
I can't find words to describe how much I love it.
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Jorge Castillo
a musical journey that takes me to another dimension, it's impressive!
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