Tune in Together

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A porta da casa mais simples

Que o anjo da morte não entra

A estrada que corre pro mar

O vento que abre o caminho é Você, é Você

A caminhada é difícil eu sei

Mas vou na força do meu Senhor

No caminho tem espinho eu sei

Mas vou em nome do meu Senhor

Em nome do meu Senhor (é Você)

Não olho pra trás pois deixei tudo lá

O passado não importa mais

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É Você

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bro, what's that sound?! I've heard É Ti a thousand times and I still haven't been seasick. The voices of Ton Carfi, Brunno Ramos and Paloma Possi married super well, not to mention the dance which is too involving. And then the lyrics catch me deep in my soul, you know? I'm in love with this music
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You swear I was listening to this song and I sent a to the crush saying I like FUNK?! I threw up endlessly kk
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TikTok Music Brasil
What is your opinion about the instrumentation of "É Tú" by Ton Carfi? Does it connect you with the message of the song? 🎧 #Discovering
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Natalia Sales
amei got really good ❤️
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I loved the melody
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vitor juty
sensational. what beautiful music! everything i needed to hear
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