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De novo eu falhei em tentar fazer algum

Som que não falasse nada de você

Eu juro eu to fazendo esforço

Mas olha eu errando de novo eu deito em outra cama

Penso no seu corpo beijo em outra boca

Nunca tem seu gosto de gloss

E aí você já sabe o que acontece

Eu te ligo no meio da madruga

Querendo invadir o seu barraco

Ainda vejo sua foto nua

Mas só imaginar tá embaçado

Eu te ligo no meio da madruga

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No Meio da Madruga (Ao vivo)

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very fucked*. the lyrics are so deep and the beats are so immersive. every time I listen, I feel an almost existential void within me, but at the same time, I feel like I can fly. I love the mix of instruments and the way they fit perfectly
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Bro, while I was listening to this here, my dog barked so much that I had to pause! I thought he was liking it more than me!
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TikTok Music Brasil
#Kamisa10 delivers live the song "No Meio da Madruga" with percussion, bass, guitar and keyboard. The lyrics convey fun and the band's personality. The melody, captivating and rhythmic, highlights the band's identity. The energy and stage presence are evident, creating an engaging musical experience. #Reviewal
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TikTok Music Brasil
What songs do you recommend for those who like Kamisa 10? #Discovering
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TikTok Music Brasil
Kamisa 10 is known for using his lyrics to address social and political issues affecting the community. #Curiosity
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Adriano silva
addictive pagoda too good
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🐾Vilmar Dias🐾
It seems to me that there is a foot of success planted in the four corners of the planet, man, look at this literara, accompanied by pure love!! There are many people wanting to invade, behind their love 😍 10 show mole shirt 👍
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NpJ flamemgo
lying on another bed doesn't smell like gloss
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Elany De Oliveira Sa
Beautiful music!🤩👏
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Cleiton Neves
This song should be banned. I'm in the pit now. pqp what a fuck song
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What beautiful music 😍👏🥺
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Wilson Oliveira
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Luiz Cláudio Nunes
top !
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