Tune in Together

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Lembra aquela noite

Que deitou e foi dormir calado

Falou com ninguém

E foi direto pra o quarto

Deus estava lá

Levantou da cama

E nem tomou o seu café

Saiu depressa e nem exercitou a fé

Deus estava lá

O dia passou e você nem percebeu

Que lembrou

Quase tudo e se esqueceu de Deus

Mas Deus estava lá

Estava no simples

Sorriso que você não viu

No abraço que você não aceitou

Falando ao pé do ouvido você não ouviu

Gritou chamou pelo seu nome

Mas não escutou

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victor_machado's avatar
very cool, bro! I love the way the sound fits the lyrics, it's like a story being told. And the dance is a delight, impossible not to shake your head and even risk a few dance steps. This song inspires me and makes me feel powerful, like I can conquer the world!
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Marina.Oliveira.MO's avatar
a vibe, makes me want to dance and sing in the studio The lyrics have a positive message that motivates me to live life in the best way
Laura.Ferreira's avatar
This song is amazing! I always remember the time she played on the radio while I was directing It was impossible not to sing together I'm just happy to hear!
Maria de Fátima's avatar
Maria de Fátima
Hohooo Glory 🙏
marlethaparecida's avatar
ame i believe in god
Laura_pereira28's avatar
makes me completely nostalgic! Reminds me of the time I used to hear my grandmother's voice singing in the kitchen on a lazy Sunday. The lyrics of the song are beautiful and make me reflect on life. I love the melody and softness of the voice
kendallrahnenfueh's avatar
the chorus of The Story Continues can't get out of my head! Genaiene's voice is incredible and the lyrics are very inspiring. I keep thinking about life as I sing along with it. It's a song that makes me feel good
pedro_machado's avatar
gave me the creeps, Genaiene! The music is immersive, the lyrics are powerful and the production. on the incredibly productive work 🎶👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Pedro_Machado_P's avatar
I think The Story Continues is an OK song, but nothing exceptional. It doesn't stay in my head and doesn't excite me as much as others
Isabella_Oliveira_o's avatar
carca, The Continuing Story drives me crazy! It's one of those sounds that I already start to move my foot without even noticing. The dance is too hot and the lyrics are those that make you feel the atmosphere of the music. It's a sound you can't hear sitting down, you have to get up and move!
victor.lima's avatar
Bro, this song is a blast! My heart goes to the dance of sound! ❤️
Raquel Souza de j152's avatar
Raquel Souza de j152
ame i believe in god
manuelasarmento37's avatar
I love that praise!!!! God talk to me in that letter wonderful God ❤️🙏🏻
marlethaparecida's avatar
beautiful wonderful i adore ame
Gicelio Silva's avatar
Gicelio Silva
ame i believe in god
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