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Si empezamos el negocio

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Ana Clara Dantas
The singer's voice in this song is so captivating that it leaves you speechless. It's like an echo in the night that resonates in your heart #musicdiscovery
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Clarice de Carvalho
The energy of this song is overwhelming, fills you with vitality and makes you feel alive. It's like an explosion of emotions that takes your breath away.
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Cristina Barrera
This song is like a breath of fresh air in the midst of chaos. Its refreshing melody and inspiring lyrics are the oxygen you need to recharge your batteries and move forward with a smile on your face #BélicoyCholo
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María Rosa Murillo
This song is like an ode to life. Its message and its lively rhythm fill me with joy and sadness.
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Luis Romero
How cool is this little roloncito, he sings it to perfection! The lyrics are crazy and the rhythm makes you move your bodysuit at all costs. I already played it to my carnalitos, now I play it to everyone! 🔥
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TikTok Music Latin
Have you heard "Bélico y Cholo (Con Virlan Garcia (En Vivo))" by Sebastian Esquivel, Virlán García? What did you think of the combination of Virlan's voice and the instrumentation? Tell us in the comments and share your #Discovery!
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Ana Luísa de Aguiar
The rolita is cool, but I expected more from virlán garcia. Still, it makes me move my horn.
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