Tune in Together

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(Essa aqui ficou eternizada em nossas lives)



Perdi a hora, mas encontrei você aqui

Desde aquela noite eu nunca mais me entendi

Você levou meu coração, levou o meu olhar

Eu sigo cego e infeliz, Natal que vai cantar (vocês)

Pra conv-

Te convencer

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A Vida Tem Dessas Coisas

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Rose Ferreira
I love this song, I close my eyes and come back in 2020 in Pandemia that I watched Live by you guys too top.... Drinking Zezu lay on sofa kkkkkkkk Live top has to do another one.
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"A Vida Tem Dessas (Ao Vivo)" features typical forró instrumentation, with emphasis on the accordion and zabumba. The lyrics portray common everyday situations and the chorus is striking. The melody is lively and the participation of the artists involved makes the music even more exciting. #Reviewal
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TikTok Music
#LuanEstilizado recorded his first CD at the age of 11, gaining recognition beyond the region of the country. At age 18, when Luan already had five albums in the studio, he achieved even more success. #Curiosity
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Talent show
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TikTok Music
What songs do you recommend for those who like Raí Saia Round, Stylized Moon or Zezo? #Discovering
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I love love
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Ave Maria I'm a big fan of this song there's a lot going on in my mint
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wonderful trio, then combined the useful with the pleasant, what I call topical with the past, this beautiful song by ritch and sung in the voice of these three powers.👏👏👏
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vallentinah ayache
remembering my love😍
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Samylla Holanda
I love too much
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