Tune in Together

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No meio da conversa, de um caso terminando (respeita o Zé)

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Dois Corações e uma História

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this Two Hearts and a Story Live is just amazing! Raí Saia Rodada, Luan Stylizado and Zezo run very well together. The voices match perfectly and the audience energy is contagious. I got goosebumps listening to this version! I'm going to leave it on repeat for a long time!
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Hand! What song is this?! I'm in love with Two Hearts and a Story (Live). The dance is too engaging and the mix of voices made everything even more incredible! The lyrics are super romantic and make me feel like I'm living a real love. I've already added to my playlist
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"Two Hearts and a Story (Live)" by Raí Get Out Round, Stylized Loun, Zazo is an amazing song! Did you already know it? What is your favorite song from these artists? Did you like the instrumentation of "Two Hearts and a History (Live)"? Share your opinion in the comments and participate in #DecobrindoMúsica 👇
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Man, I was listening to this song and it gave me a huge desire to dance, but I ended up hitting my cat and we became a big dancing mess!
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