Tune in Together

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Eu vou fazer vocês sofrer


Cadê a comida que não chega aí, o espetinho

Aqui trancado no meu quarto

O coração sangrando

Eu reavalio os estragos que você me fez

Por minha auto-estima baixa

Ligando e passando mensagem

Eu não me vejo com coragem

De amar outra vez (e agora? E agora?)

Eu sei que fui culpado em partes

Mas cada vez que você parte

É como se a dor de um infarte

Partisse meu peito

Eu tento mudar, mas não mudo

Invés de iludir, eu me iludo

Na vida tem jeito pra tudo

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Sem Céu e Sem Chão

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zika too much! You're breaking everything on the playlists! The voices of Raí, Luan and Zezo together were incredible. And the lyrics then, of chilling, talking about that love that leaves you without ground, not knowing what to do. Not to mention the forró, which is to make the body swing non-stop! It is very successful in one song
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Heck, this live show of the guys is sensational! The mix of forró and sertanejo was amazing! The sound quality is incredible and there's nothing but getting excited about the infectious rhythm of the song. The lyrics are also great, they talk about love and fun, making us sing together. I'm loving!
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an absurdity! I'm banging my head here until I can't take it anymore! The sound is animal and the voices of Raí Saia Rodada, Luan Stylizado, and Zezo go too well together! And the lyrics? Totally representative of the life of those who live without love, aimless and without ground. There's no way not to identify yourself!
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I already loved the original music, but this live version with Raí Saia Rodada, Luan Stilizado and Zezo was simply sensational! The voices of these artists together are an explosion of talent and emotion, and the energy of the audience only reinforces that. Without a doubt, it is one of the best musical collaborations
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