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(Canta, Zezo)

Ontem te encontrei

Você estava tão bonita

Demais, parecia até que nada aconteceu

Jeito de quem 'tá feliz

De quem es'tá de bem com a vida

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Tô Fazendo Falta

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I am in love with this song! The mix of Raí Saia Rodada, Luan Stylizado and Zezo styles is incredible. Each one's voice complements each other perfectly, and the lyrics are super immersive. I can't stand still when this song starts playing. It's one of those that can't be missing from the roster!
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Raí Saia Rodada, Luan Estilizado and Zezo released "Tô Fazendo Falta," a forró song with romantic lyrics about. The music is conducted by guitars and features typical instruments of the genre, such as accordion and triangle. The melody is lively, with a chorus that is easy to follow and dance to. #Reviewal
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Is it just me who danced the same crazy while listening to this and ended up pushing a vase? I never dance near decoration again! 🤦‍♂️💃
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Raí Saia Rodada is a forró band, formed in Caraúbas, in the interior of Rio Grande do Norte, in April 2001. #Curiosity
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Do you have any music recommendations similar to these artists? #Discovering
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