Tune in Together

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Una mamacita de esas que no se ven

De esas que no se ven, ya

Yo me la toco y me la quise comer

Me la quise comer, ya

Y me la llevé en la nave pa' la luna

No era Rosalía pero quería altura

Y en la cama no disimuló, todo me lo dio

Me lo hizo encendia, con la luz prendia

Loca se venía cuando se desvestía

Me lo hizo encendia, con la luz prendia

Loca se venía cuando se desvestía

Contigo me voy afuegote

Esa chapa me dejo frizao

Sin mover el pivote

Por ti me voy detrás de los barrotes

Mami si tú quieres repetirlo dame un toque

Que estoy accesible, lo que hicimos es irreversible

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Luz Prendia

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Enzo Barone
The instrumentation of this song is very original, you can see that they were very careful with every detail. It is a mixture of sounds that creates a unique and enveloping atmosphere.
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Sophia Cavalcanti's avatar
Sophia Cavalcanti
With this song, any task becomes more bearable and fun. Its rhythm makes you feel that everything is easier and more enjoyable.
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Diego Juarez
The instrumentation of this song is great, each instrument feels in perfect harmony and adds something special to the whole. It's like every note is designed to make you happy.
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Theodoro Boldrin
Each is like a gift to the soul
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the rhythm is simply addictive, it gets me!
Cristian Suárez's avatar
Cristian Suárez
Melody that makes me feel at peace with the world
José Battistella's avatar
José Battistella
The melody of this song is like a fire burning inside you, warming your heart and lighting your spirit with its passion and overflowing joy, it is pure emotion in every note! #LuzPrendia
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Luísa Cervantes's avatar
Luísa Cervantes
The melody is like a sigh of relief, light and liberating, that helps you let go of all your worries and just be.
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Tomás Castro
I am by the passion that this music conveys
Antonella Costa's avatar
Antonella Costa
one of my favorites of the moment
Betina de Góes's avatar
Betina de Góes
I am by how it makes me feel that I am floating in space.
Angel Mendoza's avatar
Angel Mendoza
gives me a surge of energy
Enrique Vargas's avatar
Enrique Vargas
rhythm that makes you move
Lucas Amaral's avatar
Lucas Amaral
rhythm that elevates
Maria Luísa Corrêa's avatar
Maria Luísa Corrêa
I love it! It has lyrics with mother and the rhythm is super fast. I love this song I passed it to my friends, we still can't get over the chorus!
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