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(Ah, véio, sem sentimento, sem sentimento) (e aí ?)

(Sem caô mano, 'tá ligado?)

(P**a, cadê meu coração hein?)

(Nem sei onde eu coloquei)

(Eu acho deixei no copo de whisky)

(Hoje é tipo (?), É só no software)


Meu coração 'tá tipo terreno baldio

Terra de ninguém, sem morador e sem vizinho

Agora ninguém pisa, pode desviar o caminho

Favela avisou, 'tá proibido jogar lixo

Sai, sai

Lote 88

Endereço aonde o coração ama pouco

Entrada livre pra maiores de 18

Pra quem pisou nóis 'tá distribuindo troco

Não pula, não

Isso aqui não tem nome, nem CEP

Essa rua também não tem nome

A favela pagando no TED

É fita com as berma da Cyclone

Colete à prova de amor

Tiro à queima roupa

Solto, mas sem freio

Igual Opala de seis boca'

Não sei se choro, se sumo

Ou se ligo pra alguém

Não sei se bebo, se fumo

Ou se finjo que 'to bem

'Cê deixou falha, feriu, zoou com a cara

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Lote 88

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without conditions, never. grave is stoned 👏👏👏👏
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simply amazing! It's impossible not to feel good listening to her. The dance is contagious and the arrangements are very well done. The lyrics are deep and talk about love and relationships in a way that everyone identifies with. Definitely a song that will touch your heart
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Oh guys, I was listening to this song and suddenly my dog started singing louder than me! k
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this song can't get out of my head! The combination of Ryan Sp flow with Hip Hop is sensational. The lyrics are heavy social criticism, but the dance is so engaging that I can't stop listening. Too addictive!
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is not my favorite from the album. The artists' rhymes are good, but the instrumental doesn't captivate me. It is in the background
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brings so much sadness! I remember good times and bad in life. The lyrics are amazing and the combination of voices from the three artists is perfect. I love the flow of Ryan and. It's one of my favorites from the Outlying Tribe.
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this song is too crazy, bro! When it starts to dance I already start to roll around non-stop. MC Ryan Sp's voice mixes with Hip Hop rap and the Periphery Tribe showing off the flow. It's the kind of sound that makes you lose track of time and play the dance until the last note.
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TikTok Music Brasil
It was through the internet that #HungriaHipHop reached his fans and it is through her that he releases his songs. #Curiosity
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TikTok Music Brasil
What songs do you recommend for those who enjoy Tribo da Periferia, MC Ryan Sp and Hip Hop? #Discovering
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TikTok Music Brasil
"Lot 88" is a collaboration between #TriboDaPeriferia, #MCRyanSp and #HungriaHipHop. The instrumentation includes keyboard, guitar and drums. The lyrics talk about life in the Netherlands, the struggle to make money and the ambition to succeed. The melody has a fast-paced rap beat with a captivating chorus. #Reviewal
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got too top 🎶😎
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My❤️is like wasteland No man's land, no resident and no neighbor Now nobody steps, they can divert the way Favela warned, it is forbidden to throw garbage You know, you know Lot 88 Address where❤️ love little Free admission for people over 18 For those who stepped on us, they are handing out change Don't jump, no...
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