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Essa aqui é a realidade de muitos casais

Presta atenção na letra dessa música

'Tá preocupado com o que eu vou falar

Quando alguém perguntar o motivo da gente largar

Eu vou falar a verdade

Se isso te incomoda

Pensasse antes de ter feito

O que chama de erro, eu chamo de escolha

Ou quer me convencer que alguém colocou uma arma na sua cabeça e falou

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A Culpa É Nossa

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How is it that such a splendid success wins our hearts, just for Nadson to brighten us up with this repertoire that is so intriguing in our veins.
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Nadson O Ferinha is known for his lyrics that talk about love, betrayal and overcoming. His songs are often quite popular with arrocha and brega fans. #Curiosity
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The song "A Culpa É Nossa," by #NadsonOFerinha, has an instrumentation that mixes elements of forró and arrocha. The lyrics address a relationship that has come to an end and each one assumes their part of the guilt. The melody is lively and dancing, typical of these musical genres. #Ectorial #Review
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If you like Nadson O Ferinha, you will probably like Silvanno Salles. Already know? #Discovering
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Rafael Almeida
he is too much
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lobinho ff
This forest is crazy man 😭😭
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🌹 Rosa
truth unfortunately
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Eliza Santana491
my story is in this song 😪😪😪
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Sayla Alves
Rpz penseee😍🥲
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who never drank listening to this song and remembering the horns that throw the first stone
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Carlos Eduardo Martins D. Pena
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since we don't want to leave as the bad guy in the story so mind you, it's our fault 😔
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Jholz Santos
It’s my mouth
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Music that makes the caba lose about 10kg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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Maria Elizangela
very good
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Mc mandrake
top top
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This is tooop
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blames and your
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True unfortunately 😢✌️
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