Tune in Together

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Lembrança e memórias

Tem coisas que não voltam

E a dor da perda

É que acompanha a revolta

Essa rotina é f**a

Sei que o tempo não volta

E a dor da despedida

É que acompanha a revolta

Álcool, m**a, segredos, mentiras, promessas

Sexo e um ego tão cego

Se esconde um passado de erro

Um futuro de ouro estampado, semblante tão quieto

Você tá bem? Como cê tá?

Eu tô cansado das mesmas perguntas

Das mesmas pessoas, do mesmo lugar

Mas existe um lugar onde encontro paz

Além do que a realidade leva

Mas existe um lugar onde encontro paz

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Mas Existe um Lugar

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very good! The lyrics are super inspiring and make me feel like I can be anything I want in life. The rhythm is contagious and always makes me want to dance. It has an amazing vocal that knows how to convey a different feeling on each note. I could listen to this song all day
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Bro, I was listening to this song and I started dancing in the street, I wasn't even crazy. Then I was embarrassed when I saw that the phone wasn't plugged in and everyone was looking
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TikTok Music Brasil
"But There is a Universe" has an instrumentation based on drums, piano, keyboard and guitar. The lyrics and melody combine poetic images with a distinct and emotional melody. #Emotional Review
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anyone from 2024?
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I liked it more
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sensational, I loves on guitar and the vocals are amazing! The lyrics are intense and make me feel a mixture of longing, love and regret. Whenever I listen it makes me want to dance, cry and sing along at the same time. It's a classic that never loses its emotion.
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TikTok Music Brasil
What other artists do you recommend, similar to the musical style of Cryzin, Kaio Viana and Noemi Leal? #Discovering
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TikTok Music Brasil
Cryzin is a music producer who has worked with several renowned artists on the national scene. #Curiosity
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Dionatas Vargas
I prefer the one with Manuel Gomes kkk
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I hated
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a headset and a recording =vibe boa
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very good
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Lucia Santos
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this dented
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Bruno Guilherme
that chorus of a beautiful tattoo 🥺
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Rafael Silva
I identified so much with this song.
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very good
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Ah, this one is good!
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