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Alô meu compadre, Nathanzinho

Oia, parece que eu 'to no faroeste, oia, oia, oia

Oh americana, hello, girl

Isso é Grandão Vaqueiro, menino

É o Nathanzinho, é o Nathanzinho, é o Nathanzinho

Onde tiver um desmantelo pode me chamar viu, que eu vou

Volta americana, pro seu vaqueiro

Vai Grandão vaqueiro

Conheci uma americana lá na vaquejada

Ela falava comigo e eu não entendia nada, vai

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Americana Na Vaquejada

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bro, too much, you know? The lyrics are so real and the voice is amazing! I love how the melody flows and the rhythm makes me want to dance non-stop. This song always makes me happy and excited, it's my favorite hit when I want to relax and enjoy the good vibe.
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Knowing the audio of this class, I played thinking it was a zzzzZzzz sound. At the end, my teacher was already shouting 'W, GIRL!' kkkkk
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TikTok Music
NATTAN is known for mixing elements of country music with electronic forró, creating its own different style. #Curiosity
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Vcb Div
The song in English is called "Love on the Sun" by David Guetta.
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Vcb Div
Waiting for the feat. with João Gomes, to bug our minds. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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TikTok Music
Have you ever heard of Eric Land? He's a very talented forró singer too, worth checking out! #Discovering
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TikTok Music
"Americana Na Vaquejada" is an electronic forró with keyboard, guitar and accordion instrumentation. The lyrics talk about the northeastern culture of vaquejada. The melody is lively and rhythmic, typical of forró. #Reviewal
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🍻🕺💃 this one is too good
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Sônia 🌺💗
good music for dancing
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good american
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Maria Fernanda
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music from now💟
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Frann Sousah
very good ♥️
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leidykeity🌻's avatar
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Breno Amarante
natan was the first to surf in RS music the feat RS was cool
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Theyce 🍃🔥
Nattanzinho the best 🤌🔥🔥
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Go American🔥
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Hello Beauuuti😍😂😂
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Owwww Luxury Cowgirl
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