Tune in Together

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Tengo rato que nomas miro

Cuando seré otro elegido

Que la vida va premiar

Se que ya se acerca la mía

No será lo que asumian

Por qué todo un día se me va a dar

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El Elegido

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Samuel Albuquerque
🎧 It's a real gem that touches your heart. The melody is powerful and the lyrics are amazing #elected. Definitely a must on your playlist!
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This song is the best! ❣️ I love his lyrics and the rhythm is very cool 🤘 I've passed them on to my friends and everyone has recorded it from memory.
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TikTok Music Latin
🎵 What do you think of the instrumentation of "El Elegido" by Grupo Selectivo and Legión RG? Is there any part of the song that has caught your attention in particular? #Discovery
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Thiago Busato
No matter how many times I listen to it, I always discover new nuances in its melody.
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Davi Araújo
What an addictive song to listen to at any time of the day!
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Sebastián Sánchez
What a contagious rolon to infect me with joy and good humor!
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Pablo Gutierrez
is so poetic that it transports me to another world.
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Raúl Ruíz
I am by how he can emotions I didn't even know he had.
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I'm hardly teaching myself how to bat 🍀
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Thomas Bastos
The chosen one is a cool song, he has a good beat and the singer's voice is super authentic, it beats me up a lot.
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