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(Nine you made this)

Na boca de quem não vale nada, quem tem nome não é ninguém

Vi ladrão sai a pé e volta de Citroen

(Aí é fogo na quebrada, heim)

Desce uns neném lá da Barra Funda, frevo começa na sexta e acaba só segunda

Clima de litoral, 'tá mil grau, tudo andando bem

Quase um carnaval, quem desfila é as 1100

É nosso quintal, é respeito pros homens de bem

Roupas no varal, progresso sem atrasar ninguém

Firma só 'tá comprando as Mac e as Audi TT

Brilhando quem 'tá de biquíni e de Dom Perrier

Falou que nóis 'tá com a bagaça só pra promover

Esse espe'tá culo gratuito que vira um rolê

Nem te contei, mas nóis virou

Multiplicando assim constantemente, oh

Na paz de um rei, plantando flor

Cultivando o amor e suas sementes, ah

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Quem é o Boss?

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bro, this track is really cute, it hits the bass too much and makes me want to dance crazy. The lyrics are deep and make me reflect on so many things. It's the kind of music I need to listen to when I need motivation and energy to face life's challenges.
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Bro, this song is just addictive! I can't stop listening and singing along! The dance is too heavy, the chorus is sticky and the lyrics kind of identify me, you know? But there could be more variation in the sound, because it gets a little after a few times. But even so, I'm enjoying d+
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this song makes me extremely happy! The contagious dance makes me want to dance non-stop until the end of the song. The lyrics are simple, but very well written and easy to sing along with. I listen to them whenever I need to lift the spirits!
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babytwerpsylveste's avatar
I loved Who's Boss! The dance is super immersive and the rhymes are amazing. The only weakness is the slightly lyrics.
Renan_daCostaSilva's avatar
I didn't really like Who's Boss? I didn't find it as striking or lively as other songs in the genre. Maybe it's the lyrics or the rhythm, but it didn't excite me.
Renata_Souza's avatar
the music makes me reflect on the struggle of those who come from the periphery and seek success. The lyrics show the determination and persistence to achieve dreams, even with difficulties. The instrumental is engaging and the combination of the voices of the two artists is very good. I really liked it!
fernanda.ferreira's avatar
Bro, this song has a flow that is out of the ordinary! I don't even know how to explain the vibe she brings me, I just know that I can't stop listening!
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bro, I was hearing Who's the Boss? and I started pretending I was the boss. Then my mother asked me where I was going and I answered the office. KKKKK
Rafael_Fernandes's avatar
Who's Boss? transports me to a very good time and I remember parties with friends. It's a song that makes me feel nostalgic. I love the vibe that the song plays and how it makes you want to dance. The flow of the and the Tribo da Periferia make the music even more incredible.
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fucking this world is small for us
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who is Boss by flashlight
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TikTok Music Brasil
Hip Hop and Tribo da Periferia released the song "Who is Boss?" with strong trap beats and Carioca funk influences. The lyrics tell a story of power and determination, with a striking chorus that became a hit on Brazilian radio stations. The melody is contagious and engaging, inviting the listener to dance along. #Reviewal
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TikTok Music Brasil
Tribo da Periferia is formed by two members, Duckjay and Look, who met in a housing occupation in Brasília. #Curiosity
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TikTok Music Brasil
What are your recommended songs for a Hip Hop and Periphery Tribe fan? #Discovering
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