Tune in Together

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Na frente das amigas cê paga de decidida

Jurando que não vai mais voltar

E se alguma duvida você comete a burrice de me bloquear

Só é fácil o orgulho controlar

O coração não tem função de bloquear

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Terceiro Gole

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bro, amazing, it gives me such a good vibe you know? The dance is very immersive and the lyrics are super deep. I can't stand still when he plays, it's like music therapy! One of the best sounds I've ever heard in my life for sure.
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Bro, I was listening to this song and by the time the chorus came I was already singing wrong, I was like aiaiai, I'm very crazy
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TikTok Music
What is your opinion about the instrumentation in Nenho, Pablo's "Third (Live)"? Which instrument do you think stands out the most in music? Share your opinion in the comments! #Discovering! 💬
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music reminded me of happy moments in my life that are gone. Lyrics and instruments made me feel the and sadness of a time that never comes back.
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the music has an immersive dance and the lyrics are easy to identify. The vocals could be explored more, but I liked the production
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here in mineiros Goiás there is no woman to go with a song like that suffering
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Luciano oficial 13
tooooppppp 🍺💯
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Valter Da Mota
aoooo suffering
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Sing too much take one now
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denice Souza Leite
top of more with pablo everything looks beautiful
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Jhone Dias Ribeiro
pow the babe is already fucked and still brings the pablo 😭
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Jean Carlos Ribeiro
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