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I don't wanna call and talk too long

I know it was wrong, but never said I was sorry

Now I've had time to think it over

We're much older and the bone's too big to bury

Oh, isn't it a shame that it ended like that?

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“Jaded” tells a story of regret and missed opportunities in a failed relationship, and showcases Miley's powerful vocals and rock-inspired sound. With its catchy chorus and relatable lyrics, "Jaded" has become a fan favorite and a standout track on the album. #BehindtheMusic
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Josefa Duran
The jaded song didn't leave me very convinced, I didn't manage to connect with it. The lyrics are somewhat superficial and the melody didn't quite catch me.
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HelloALICE 😘
You are the sweetest and most bitter thing in my life#mileycyrus #lagufavorit
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Jaded is the best song on the album sorry not sorry
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I feel like this is the follow-up to "s Like You" one of my favorite #MileyCyrus songs. 🥹
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This song gives me old Miley vibes and I live for it 😮‍💨
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Edgar Jiménez
The best song in the album for me. It took me places!! 💜
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