Tune in Together

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Cuando por las noches recordaba todo

El olor de aquel perfume sobre todo

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Por las Noches (Remix)

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Maria Eloá de Paula's avatar
Maria Eloá de Paula
The production is impressive, every detail fits perfectly and creates an incredible musical experience.
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Augusto Bernadini's avatar
Augusto Bernadini
This song is so short! 🎵 I love what the lyrics say and its rhythm is super fun and I've already shared it with my crew.
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It is a reggaeton ballad that talks about love and regret. Nicki Nicole joins the remix with a verse where she expresses her feelings for Peso Pluma and how it feels to let him go. #musicfacts #firstcommentary
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Natalia Enriquez's avatar
Natalia Enriquez
I am moved by this song
Thomas Bastos's avatar
Thomas Bastos
I can't help but feel pushed forward by the difficult times.
Roberto Estrada's avatar
Roberto Estrada
The musical arrangement is fantastic
José Velasco's avatar
José Velasco
This song reminds me of many special features.
Luísa Cervantes's avatar
Luísa Cervantes
Letters have a lot of meaning
Ana Belen Olivares's avatar
Ana Belen Olivares
The soft and beautiful voice of the singer master
Jordi Lara's avatar
Jordi Lara
The melody is like a massage for my soul.
Arturo Quintana's avatar
Arturo Quintana
I love how it makes me feel like I'm invincible!
Davi Lucca Barreto's avatar
Davi Lucca Barreto
This song makes me feel free
Cauã Batista's avatar
Cauã Batista
is quite complete
Felix Rosales's avatar
Felix Rosales
The perfect balance between voice and instruments master
Ramón Suárez's avatar
Ramón Suárez
What a good energy this song has
Gregorio Alanis's avatar
Gregorio Alanis
has many textures
Maria Luisa Sosa's avatar
Maria Luisa Sosa
puts me in a good mood #evenings and during the day.
Daniela Peralta's avatar
Daniela Peralta
This album is great
Alicia Barrios's avatar
Alicia Barrios
The lyrics are very well written
Rosario Bernal's avatar
Rosario Bernal
The lyrics are very intelligent
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