Tune in Together

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Perdona si te estoy llamando en este momento

Pero me hacía falta escuchar de nuevo

Aunque sea un instante tu respiración

Disculpa, sé que estoy vio'lando nuestro juramento

Sé que estás con alguien, que no es el momento

Pero hay algo urgente que decirte hoy

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A Puro Dolor (En Vivo)

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Eva María Avalos's avatar
Eva María Avalos
This song is cool, the lyrics catch you and the rhythm makes your little foot move. I've recommended it to all my friends and I never get tired of listening to it over and over again. It's one of those songs that makes your day better.
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Vitória de Araújo's avatar
Vitória de Araújo
This song is really cool, I mean! I love how the lyrics talk about a real and sincere love. Besides, the rhythm makes you dance non-stop. I even passed it to my compas to listen to it too. Pure enjoyment with this song!
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Sophia Cavalcanti
it's pure flow and I love it, the lyrics are really cool and I've passed them on to all my friends. It's my fave! 💯🔥🎶
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