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Polvito de limón

Hace tiempo yo era un santo, ya no lo soy

Me metí a lo malo pa' andar mejor

Manejando, con las niñas todo bien

Anillos de seguridad

La Suburban va blindada, presidencial

Sin pasaporte los cuadros van a cruzar

Pa' los gringos, seguido les meto gol

Navego bajo perfil

No es que ande de alucinado, calzo Louboutin

Cuando me cayó una feria quise repetir

Generando verdes para andar mejor

Ando con los diablos de cuando no traía ni un peso

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Polvito de Limón

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Kauê Costa
The melody of this song is so soft and comforting that it wraps you in a musical hug. It's perfect for those moments when you need a little calm and serenity in your day! #PolvitodeLimón
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Ayla Coutinho
This song is the best! I love its rhythm and the lyrics are super cool. I've shared it with my friends and we danced it together all the time. 💙
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TikTok Music Latin
What other regional Mexican artists do you like besides Oscar Maydon and Gerardo Ortiz? #Discovery
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Paul Dominguez
enveloping melody that takes you away
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Gregorio Alanis
this song is like a warm hug on a cold night
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Yago Candido
The melody has a softness that caresses the soul.
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Teresa Manrique
the melody has a charm that captivates
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TikTok Music Latin
"Polvito de Limón" by Oscar Maydon and Gerardo Ortiz was one of the highlights of the Latin Airplay list in 2019, managing to reach the number 5 position. This collaboration demonstrated the great talent of both musicians in the regional Mexican genre. #Fact
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TikTok Music Latin
The song "Polvito de Limón" by #OscarMaydon, #GerardoOrtiz uses instruments such as the accordion and guitar to create a delicious regional band sound. The lyrics talk about aatious woman and the melody is catchy and easy to dance to. #Review
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