Tune in Together

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Los Ángeles Azules

Santa Fe Klan

Y Cazzu

Acércate conmigo, yo voy a cuidarte

De mi corazón ya no podré arrancarte

No dejo de pensarte, tú me enamoraste

Tus ojos, tu sonrisa y la forma de hablarme

Antes de ti yo no creía en el amor

Tú eres medicina para mi dolor

Solo contigo, me escaparé contigo

Solamente tú y tú y tú

Eres la persona que tanto esperé

En mis pensamientos estás tú

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Tú y Tú

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Montserrat Villa
This song has very and lyrics that make you feel like you are in a carnival. It's a song that makes you feel like you're partying all day #TúyTú.
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Arthur Gabriel Corrêa
This song is the best! 🔥 The lyrics are super catchy and I can't stop dancing. Besides, I have recommended them to my best friend because I know he will love them. 💯
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TikTok Music Latin
Have you already listened to "Tú y Tú" by Los Ángeles Azules, Cazzu and Santa Fe Klan, do you think it's a good collaboration? What's your favorite part of the song? Share your opinion with us and join the #Discovery!
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Eugenio Pérez
has an incredibly relaxing and peaceful vibe.
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Augusto Bernadini
It is worth putting
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Juan Manuel De la cruz
This song puts me in a chill mood
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Valentim Bianche
I love it, I have put it on repeat
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Salvador Cervantes
It gives me chills of emotion
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Esther De Angeli
I love it, I will repeat it a thousand times.
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Jose Ignacio Salas
It makes me feel things!
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Olivia Gutierrez
just makes me happy #labarda
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Miguel angel Diaz
This song hits hard!
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Gregorio Alanis
It is a musical masterpiece
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it has rhythm, I like it to spend a pleasant moment.
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Jordi Lara
This song by tú y tú makes me move my body without control, what a cool flow!
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Miguel Ángel Campos
Horrible, sorry for my sincere comment.
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