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Ándale, pues, mis amigos

Su compa Darey Castro, Dareyes de la sierra

Y su compa Larry Hernández, viejo

Venimos con todo, jálense, viejo

Que les caigo mal

Esa es una de las 745 cosas que me vienen valiendo verga

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Las 745

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Victoria Villarreal
I love how this song combines different styles of music in a very creative way.
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Benjamín Fuentes
🔥 The lyrics are super cool and the rhythm makes me move my body. I recommended them to all my friends. Have you already heard them?
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TikTok Music Latin
Could you recommend me some similar artists or songs in the style of Larry Hernandez or Los Dareyes de la Sierra? #Discovery
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Liam Caliman
It's okay, but it doesn't kill me at all.
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Jorge Enriquez
What a nice rolita, it makes me vibrate
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Sebastián Flores
That song has a good rhythm, but it's not my style.
Olivia Gutierrez's avatar
Olivia Gutierrez
It makes me feel like I'm at a live concert.
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Enzo Barone
Now that's good music
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Levi Assunção
it just makes me feel like I'm floating in the air
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Leonardo Sanchéz
a musical hug
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Pedro Miguel Campagnaro
This song really gives a good vibe, bro
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Arthur Almeida
I love it, good lyrics and rhythm!
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Raul Calimam
There is always something hidden in this song
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TikTok Music Latin
The song "Las 745" by #LarryHernandez and #LosDareyesDeLaSierra has a strong instrumentation on guitars and percussion. The lyrics are about a man arriving in his car at a house, where there is a woman waiting for him. The melody is catchy and has influences from regional Mexican music. #Review
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TikTok Music Latin
In 2009, the song "Las 745" was ranked number 49 on Billboard's "Regional Mexican Airplay" chart. Although it did not reach the top of the list, it is still a very popular song among fans of Mexican regional music. #Fact
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José Velasco
La neta, the 745 song makes me feel happy and eager to dance, I like the rhythm and rap style of the artist. #suenachido
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