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De carrão chapelão caminhonete suja de poeira

é o chamado das boiadeira

Trajadona, cheirosona

Na carroceria os cara preta

é o chamado das boiadeira

Eu tô chegando do jeitão que eles gosta

Eu tô levando minha sela

Galopa quando nós brota na pista

Eles chora no carro, no quarto

Cê pira na roça

Chapéu e carinha de bebê

O feat que te faz enlouquecer

Chapéu e carinha de bebê

Cê gosta do jeito que eu sei fazer

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Carinha de Bebê

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bro, too much! has some bumps to make the body swing, you know? apart from the fact that the lyrics really talk about the ups and downs of life. it gives me such a good vibe when I listen, it seems like everything will be fine. i never get tired of listening!
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TikTok Music Brasil
#Anaela, #PedroSampaio composed the song "Carinha de Bebê." The instrumentation of the song is based on an electronic rhythm with a constant dance sound. The lyrics emphasize someone's facial expression when they are in love. The melody is captivating and the chorus stands out with a louder tone, being accompanied by synthesizers and voice samples. #Reviewal
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TikTok Music Brasil
#PedroSampaio is a DJ and music producer who became known for his funk remixes and authored songs. He has worked with several artists in the genre and his songs are often played at parties and ballads. #Curiosity
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Albenize Sousa
Amei @Ana Castela and @Pedro Sampaio
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Ana Castile🐎🥇♥️
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TikTok Music Brasil
If you like funk with a dancing rhythm, be sure to check out Gloria Groove! She is one of the promises of the genre and collaborates with other artists like Pedro Sampaio. #Discovering
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Danilo Oliveira
I put this one in the last volume next door go crazy 😅😂
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Our beautiful both
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Danilo Oliveira
Eh Ana Castela sings a lot
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FC miotela🤠
lindo@Ana Castle @Pedro Sampaio
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Love Yes Sex Shop
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Ana you are talented but this song is not cool , my opinion ✌🏻 #peace
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davi lucas
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this double--------🛐
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loved it really cool i'm listening to the music now
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Camila Prado
bao too young
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Vcb Div
I like PS, but the last songs he participated/produced are quite weak.
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this song is very good
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Vital Ferreira
Liked it here for me to listen to later
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